Home Audio

Music has never sounded better in your home!

With a combination of the perfect acoustics and control, your home or business listening experience can be changed forever with an audio system installed by Knox Security. Music has never sounded so crisp, the bass of the drums have never felt so real and movies will never sound the same. Providing you with an efficient design with expert installation, we ensure the perfect functionality with easy-to-use remote controls so you can have multiple zones of-of audio throughout your home. Let us bring your home or business audio system vision to life.

― Our Unique Process ―

  • We Come to You

    Once an inquiry is made, we schedule a convenient, hassle-free, consultation where a Knox professional comes to your home/business to survey the site.

  • Accurate Estimate

    Once your home/business has been surveyed, we then provide you with an accurate estimation that is tailored to your needs and desires.

  • Installation

    Once you receive the estimation, we work with you to find a desired day and time for our professionals to come and install your new audio stystem.

― Can You Hear the Music? ―

Home Audio Automation

Unlike a home cinema system, audio systems are an easier installation and automation which can be done anytime. For those of you who are building a new home or renovating your current home, it does, however, make it easier to do audio automation during this period. Once automated, you’ll have full control of how the sound in your home works from a single, easy-to-use device. Imagine telling Alexa to turn on your favorite playlist for your relaxing evening without getting up from your couch!

Audio Control

Getting full surround sound whether it is from your laptop, a jukebox or aa control center, is hard especially if you want music to play in specific areas in your home. By using our services you will not only get the sound you need in the correct places, but you will also have access to creative control which means you’ll be able to actually turn things down, turn things off, or set them up in only certain parts of your home or business.

100% Guaruntee 

Whether we’re installing a new home cinema system or refitting an old one, we take safety very seriously. We take full responsibility for adhering to all safety considerations, standards, and codes. ? We take safety very seriously. We take full responsibility for adhering to all safety considerations, standards, and codes.

― Knox Installation ―

We don’t skip corners

We’ve put together a dedicated team of professional that provides Arizona home and business owners will unrivaled, luxurious service and quality.

  • ideal room dimensions
  • wall construction
  • optimal size
  • acoustics
  • furnishings
  • concealed components

Whether it is a full audio and automation system or just a single room installment, we provide our clients with an expert technician who understands sound. Before starting a new project, our installation technicians ensure that they are fully equipped with the correct part and components so that they can have your audio system completed in four to five hours.

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