Why Knox Security?

The most important part of a phone service is reliability. With a cloud-based phone system from Knox Security, you get professional installation and key features that other providers don't offer. Even once your system is in place, state of the art connectivity, and unparalleled customer support is right at your finger tips with Knox's PBX platform.

High Quality User Experience

Our success is dependent on your success. Proprietary technology, installed by certified professionals ensures your customers receive high definitely, quality VoIP. Our experts take car of any challenges you might face quickly and effectively.

Expert Bandwidth Allocation

The benefit of setting up your phone system with Knox is that we are also a security provider, so we know the importance of keeping our technology reliable and secure. Regardless of how small or large your system is, we ensure you have the proper bandwidth to allow for clear, static-free conversations.

Put Your Phone System in the Cloud

Be more efficient with a cloud pbx system and set up your phone systems with as much clarity as the big guys!

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Cloud Phone Systems

They’re all the rage! But what are they? A cloud phone system is hosted in the cloud, which means that data is stored in a secure server which you can reach over the internet. A cloud phone system replaces traditional land lines, and is usually hosted by a third party provider like Knox Security.

Benefits of a Cloud Phone System.

Avoid the hassle of answering machines, phone bills and endless wires. Everything from your cloud phone system is manages digitally, which means a one stop shop for your team. It's more cost efficient, simple to use and will help improve the functionality of your business.

Professionally installed technology provides the highest quality and deepest definition voice telephone services.

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About Us

Knox Security has an exacting distribution model. Our solutions are sold exclusively through a network of highly-qualified security installers and distributors

We partner with these selected and trusted professionals and leading industry low voltage installers to bring you the most advanced phone systems and communication solutions.

Trained installers get you up and running quick and easily. From a multi-network IVR system to leveraging any of our 19 amazing features, you will be ready to start experiencing professional HD voice sound and communications by the time our installer leaves your business or office.


What is a cloud phone system?

  • Also known as cloud PBX and virtual PBX, cloud based phone systems utilize secure data centers to eliminate the need for expensive hardware and cables. Cloud phone providers own, configure, and manage these systems to ensure quality and security. Is a cloud phone system the same as VoIP?

  • Knox Security’s cloud hosted system is not a VoIP system. VoIP (Voice over Internet Provider) uses the public internet to transmit phone calls, which can result in an unreliable connection and poor call quality. Knox Security works on top of your existing landline or cell service, so voice quality never suffers. Can I use a cloud-based phone system with my cell phone?

  • You sure can! Knox Security’s system works with landlines, cell phones, or both, so you can use it from anywhere and at any time. Is a virtual PBX system right for my business?

  • Probably. If you like saving time and money, sounding professional, and being mobile, there’s a good chance that a cloud business phone system is a great fit for you and your company.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

As a retail chain with multiple locations, we needed a system that would enable us to have a unified phone system that would seamlessly work across our stores-- while having a very thorough hierarchy of which phone line would ring where before moving to a secondary location if the store floor was too busy to answer. Knox Security continues to pleasantly surprise us with their work ethic and ability to create and update a system that really gets the job done- and done well.

Jacob Treger, What a Bargain

I'm VERY impressed by the expertise and support offered by Knox Security. Customer Care? The features I need? Value? Check, check, check. And those are the reasons why I send them referrals from people I know, and why I'm delighted to recommend them here publicly.

Nduka Lewis, Duke Medical Inc

As an Insurance Agent, Cost is not the key concern when ordering something like business phone service-- reliability, clarity, and customer service are what really are key. So, I was originally a bit skeptical about Knox Security. How could they possible be offering VoIP service, with all its features and clarity, at such a price? I ordered my office lines from them... and I continue to be delighted with the product, with the service, and with the clarity... Let's put it this way; they have won me over totally. How do I put it? I've been "Mongo-telled!"

Joel Weinstock, MMFG