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Make Sure You Always Know Who is at the Door with Our State of the Art Security Camera Installation.
Surveillance Camera Installation

Security Camera Installations in Phoenix

Whether you need security cameras for your business or home, purchasing and installing a full security camera system can be extremely overwhelming.

This is especially true for someone not familiar with the industry. Forget doing a DIY project and hire the professionals.

We at Knox Security are the professionals you are looking for. We offer you IP camera purchase and installation to ensure safety and security.

Our cameras also offer you versatility and a user-friendly app to easily view your properties.

With expert technicians that do installation and automation, your home and business will be fully monitored with our premier surveillance equipment.

Our custom security camera installation includes: 

IP Cameras

Wireless Cameras

HD Cameras

CCTV, and More!

Access Your Security Cameras in Phoenix, From Anywhere!

Security Camera Installation: What it’s About

We offer professional, safety-conscious security camera installation and full surveillance system set-up.

Our professional technicians will install IP cameras anywhere you like, and all less than just a couple hours.

The tricky part is making sure that everything automated. We ensure that every detail of installation is taken care of so you can sit back and relax.

Safety & Privacy With Knox Security

When installing your security cameras, we take safety and privacy seriously.

We take full responsibility for adhering to all safety considerations, standards, and codes.  

Automatically Records all Motion Events

Our security cameras will always capture any motion and event in your home so that you can always keep an eye on:  

  • Your kids/babysitter while you are not home
  • Your pets while you are at work
  • Loved one’s activities
  • Your home while you are on vacation
Monitor Surveillance Camera System from Anywhere

Knox Security Camera Benefits in Phoenix

phoenix camera

Phoenix Security Camera : Knox Security Provides Remote Access

Whether you are at work, at the park, or on vacation you have the ability to access your entire home’s surveillance camera network with a few clicks of a button.

You can check on the kids and the babysitter from work or see how your family pet is doing at home.

Knox Security cameras gives you the way to have complete rest knowing what is happening inside your home.

High-Quality Image Resolution on Security Cameras

When it comes to IP cameras, they come in a broad range of resolutions from which to choose from.

Depending on your specific requirements we’ll find the best camera for your home or business.

Unlike older types of security cameras,  the added resolution of an IP camera makes faces clearer and license plates easier to read.

Another benefit of the image resolution is that a single camera can cover a large area.  

No Limits with Security Camera’s by Knox Security

Unlike analog cameras, there is no limit to how many IP cameras you have. This is because all your cameras are connected to one IT network.

IP cameras also only need to run a cable to the nearest network switch. The video is recorded using NVRs (Network Video Recorders) which is easier to backup to multiple sources.

The data from IP cameras are digitally transmitted making it  accessible anywhere.

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